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Not bad at all for the current progression of it. 

nice bro

Tried out the game, needs a lot of work.

so i gave this game a good crack it was very different from most horror games that come into my inbox so i was pretty surprised i got recommended a horror game that seems to be pretty close to completion. Furthermore, i had little trouble completing the game itself but it could be improved in terms of the glitchy bugs when respawning which become slighty frustrating to say the least.

I had a lot of fun with this creepy mannequins, great game can't wait for the next update!

Thanks ;) so I will try to push new patch out soon as possible, so you don't need to wait too long

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I have a question when will the new 0.7 update be?

before Christmas


Coming along great so far! Pretty spooky and has a great overall feel!
My only suggestion would be to maybe swap the grab and zoom button, as it would be easier to hold right click and walk, than it is to hold Q and walk. Oh, and maybe make the jumpscare sound effects louder too.

Other than that, great game! Looking forward to more updates!

Thanks I will think about that

Nice game wish it was longer, o and the mouse sensitivity was to high spoilt the game a bit, but all in all great stuff thanks :)

Very nice game it's scary but the jumpscares isn't it

Its still in alpha so te a lot need to be improved..

its a good game my only complaint is is a little flighty when turning too quick. other than that it scared the crap out of me.

thank you 

when i open the game its says folder not found Project Mannequins_Data

but thats the name of the data it wont open if you have a solution i'd love to hear!

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Bugs : game Won't  open because you need to move files. Game won't start because you have 2x "MonoBleedingEdge" to fix this 


move second MonoBleedingEdge to first MonoBleedingEdge                        <-----

this is how should looks like



1x DATA Folder! C:\Users\Brani\Desktop\Windows\Test\Project Mannequins_Data

my bad 

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I love this style of game. Altough i am not a big fan batterys I like it in this game because its a good amount off time before it dies. I also like that it dims when the battery is low a spooky but very neat feature. Overal a very good game

(my video)


Not bad. few rough areas but pretty good for an in-progress game. 



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Good job! now finish it!


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found this why strolling through and it was pretty cool, im glad i got to play this, thank you for making this  and also here 


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I love games with mannequins. There's just something creepy about them. I just have one question. Why did she throw me in that hole?

Don't wanna spoiler the story... ;)

You've peaked my interest.

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I  enjoyed this one. I love the concept of a mannequin horror game. Looks good so far. I like the mechanics in place, just needs some more polish. Reliance on batteries incentivizes you to keep moving ahead, and I like how the flashlight gets dimmer as the battery runs lower, it's a neat touch. I'm interested in the story of the mannequins and the area that we find ourselves in. What blasphemous rites have taken place here for it to be this way? Looking forward to this one.

Thanks for playing and great commentary

There are a few kinks to this game, got me with the jump scare a fair few times so definitely worth a play through. I would highly recommend removing the battery requirement, its unnecessary and actually detracts from the game. 

I wanna keep the battery system in the game but I gonna extend life of battery from 60 seconds to 100.

Pretty cool horror game, definitely gave me the goosebumps!

More goosebumps coming in September (next update)

really enjoy the game i hope you can make a game more perfectly keep going!

very positive from me

Ye I will be updating bit a lot I hope next month new update...

I like the idea behind the game but I feel that it needs a lot of work done to it. but I will be keeping my eye on your progress with it 

thank you!

This was pretty good! A lot of audio based jump scares that genuinely spooked me. I enjoyed this! 


cheers man

Great game Mannequins always freak me out.


Honestly. I hate mannequins. ESPECIALLY in games like this!!! We delve back into the world of indie horror games with a bang. Mannequins. In fact it's a whole PROJECT of them!

great video! thanks

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out the game here (the game is the there):


1. The game had scary moments, eerie sound cues and was generally a good horror game.

2. I love flashlight mechanic. It's cool that the player can still barely see when there is no batteries in the flashlight, so they don't have to blindly wander in the darkness and have a chance of finding more batteries.

3. Different areas are cool. I especially loved the last openish one. Can't wait to see more! Maybe at some point mannequins could be acting like weeping angels (moving when the player is not looking). Also, the fact that you are able to jump and crawl is promising! Maybe it would be cool to hide secrets from the players, so they need to parkour there in order to get that juicy tasty information.


1. It could be way cooler if the mannequins would sometimes move or change places. When it's barely noticeable - it's even more awesome (the devil is in the details). Or maybe some of them could always look at the player or weeping angels thingy or something like that.

2. The animation at the end was a bit anticlimactic. It was just kind of weird - after being able to push stuff, the player goes right through the last menacing mannequin.

3. More lore! Why did we get there? Why are the mannequins alive? What is going on? I hope to see more story unravel upon the game being further developed!


That was great! For the project in development it was very scary and very well-done! Still, there are some moments that need polish (disadvantages), so as is it's 4/5. Yet, the game has potential and I can't wait to see more of it! 

Hope my feedback was useful!


that's a great feedback thank you I have the story in my mind just put it on paper and then in to the computer...

Great! Can't wait to see it!

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I think this game has some good potential, not many games are messing around with mannequins these days even though they are very reliable for some scares. I guess its something about the uncanny valley aspect of it, I did enjoy having to crawl under things and jump over stuff, adds more to the game that some games on here don't seem to do that often unfortunately.. Overall I think this game has a lot of potential, I'm gonna follow along with your youtube channel because I'm excited to see what this game evolves into! Great game and I can't wait to see what else you do!


Thank you for that positive comment, these comments always pushing me forward.

This was one of the most horrifying games I have played on Yes, the game had bugs but you can overlook that when you can see the potential that this game has. I absolutely hate Mannequin games, because they scare me, but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment because I look forward to playing this game in the future when it is finished. Thanks for the small heart attack. I did a playthrough of this game that I will link below if you are interested in seeing my reaction. Leave a like and or subscribe if you want.

Thank you I will check your playtrough

WOO This game was great well done on making this and I hope to see more on what you make my friend. KEEP ON CREATING you have talent and I know you will do something special that everyone loves If you want to see my reactions and thoughts check out the video 

Great video! Thanks

dude i cannot play your game it say "there should be "Project Manequin_data" i have that but the game cannot lunch

sorry if my english bad hehe

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do you have Rar version or installer?

Try both of them , thx for let me know.

A decent start, I could see this getting better with more growth and development


Hey Brani_Dev - thanks for reaching out earlier. Cool game,  definitely has potential if you decide to do more with it!  Gave that creepy vibe, and mannnn don't get me started on those batteries haha.

No bother mate I like your commentary keep it up ;)

I need a battery

thanks for playing it ;)

This 1 gave me a few good scares, you got the sound spot on here thats important in a game like this, didnt run the best but i had alot of fun with it:

thank you

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and made on 0 budget :) 

Hello, I played this game and its not really bad, good work :)

thank you

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